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     Emmy Award winner William Windom is a consummate (he prefers consommme') actor whose long career has won him critical acclaim and audience approval, although he prefers to describe it as "95% approval a a few arrows along the way."
The steadfast Windom, a native of New York City, began his acting career there in 1946 (as a member of the American Repertory Theatre) where he remained through 1961. He appeared in 18 Broadway plays and five off-Broadway productions, including "Henry VIII", Twelfth Night," Androcles and the Lion," "Time Remembered," "Candie," "The World of Susie Wong," and "Come Blow Your Horn".
     On television, Windom starred in the series "The Farmer's Daughter" (1963-1965) and "My World and Welcome To It" (1969-1970), for which he won an Emmy Award as Best Actor a Comedy series. His other television credits include guest starring roles in eposodes of countless series. including "Dallas," "All In The Family," "Flamingo Road," "Night Gallery," "Hotel," "Highway To Heaven," "Hardcastle and McCormick,"  and "Parenthood". He also portrayed Commodore Decker in "The Doomsday Machine" episode of "Star Trek".
    His feature films include "Sommersby" with  Jodie Foster, "Planes, Trains & Automobiles," "To Kill A Mockingbird," "For Love or Money," "Thurber I and II," and "Ernie Pyle I and II" in 1976. During the past 25 years, he has given hundreds of these performances to audiences throughout the United States, Hong Kong, England and Canada. Of Windom as Thurber, The Washington Post says, "The Thurber show ranks with Holbrook's Mark Twain and Whitmore's Will Rogers". The London Daily Mail thought it "an oasis of laughter and civilized stimulation" and the Los Angeles Times said "it's as if the water-clear simplicity of Ernie Pyle's could only have had Bill Windom for a storyteller...Windom has the gift of picking the terrible plainness of living and bringing it forward to say, 'See? Here's what we are, every one of us. And do you know, we're not bad.'"
     Windom's other loves include chess, tennis and sailing. He's not one for accolades, but he does like the fact that his name was used in the New York Times crossword puzzle and that game of his was printed in "Chess Life" and the Los Angeles Times. He's owned seven different small boats since 1953 and won numerous sailing trophies. Several years ago, Windom bought a small island for $1.00 in Windom, Minnesota, so named for his great-grandfather, a Congressman and member of Lincoln's Kitchen Cabinet, who later became a Senator and Secretary of the Treasury. The island's a wildlife refuge, and Windom admits he's "open to any other islands at or near that price."
     Windom lives in Northern California with his wife Patricia and youngest child , son Rebel, and near (perhaps too near!) his three grown children. 

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News Release

    “Open one of countless doors thrown like stars between the worlds,” invites
listeners to a new series of horror, SF and fantasy stories narrated by
actor William Windom.
    Windom’s amazing career now includes audiotapes of chilling tales set in
the macabre town of Light’s End in Maine. These stories are “[a] meshing of
myth and reality, [of] stack details of place, an...unromantic vision of
horror...”  Light’s End is a gathering place for the worst in human nature.
Windom was Dr. Seth Hazlitt on TV’s Murder, She Wrote. For decades, the
versatile and prolific actor also appeared in dozens of sitcoms and dramatic
TV series including The Twilight Zone, All In The Family, Star Trek and
Barney Miller.  He won his Emmy for My World…and Welcome to It, and starred
in The Farmer’s Daughter.
    The actor has performed in scores of movies, including To Kill a
Mockingbird with Gregory Peck and True Crime with Clint Eastwood.  His
one-man shows as James Thurber and Ernie Pyle have entertained thousands,
and Windom’s resume includes fifteen years on Broadway, countless radio
shows, and several books-on-tape.
Michael Vance is the writer behind Light’s End. Published in dozens of
regional magazines and as a syndicated columnist and cartoonist in over 500
newspapers, his book, Forbidden Adventure, has been called a "benchmark in
comics history”.
    Vance briefly wrote the comic strip Alley Oop and his own strip, Holiday
Out. He also wrote comic books including Straw Men,  Angel of Death, The
Adventures of Captain Nemo, and Bloodtide.  He is listed in the Who's Who of
American Comic Books. With novelists Mel Odom and R.A. Jones, he co-wrote
Global Star, a world where babies born with bowling balls in their stomachs
are common, and the New York Times is “trash journalism”.

#WW56 "Light's End" audio tape
two chilling stories written by
"The Master of Suspense" Michael
Vance. (1 hour) 
read by William Windom
FILMS (Link to IMDB)

True Crime (1999) "Neil, the Bartender" 
Early Bird Special (1998) "Fred" 
The Thundering 8th (1998) "Old Joe" 
Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering (1996) (V)  "Doc Larson" 
Fugitive X: Innocent Target (1996) (TV) "Uncle Billy" 
Miracle on 34th Street (1994) "C.F. Cole" 
Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (1993) (TV) "Hamilton Cobb" 
Sommersby (1993) "Reverend Powell" 
"Sonic the Hedgehog" (1993) TV Series "Sir Charles Hedgehog" 
Chance of a Lifetime (1991) (TV) "Doctor Edelman" 
Back to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn .....(1990) (TV) " Judge Thatcher" 
"Parenthood" (1990) TV Series "Frank" 
.Street Justice (1989) .... Father Burke 
Uncle Buck (1989) (voice) "Mr. Hatfield" 
Committed (1988) .... Doctor Quilly 
She's Having a Baby (1988) .... Russ Bainbridge 
Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) ("Bryant" 
"Sky Commanders" (1987) TV Series  'Cutter' Kling 
Dead Aim (1987) "McWhorter" 
Dennis the Menace (1987) (TV) "Mr. Wilson" 
Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night (1987) (voice) "Puppetino" 
There Must Be a Pony (1986) (TV) "Lee Hertzig" 
Funland (1986) "Angus Perry" 
Means and Ends (1985) 
Space Rage (1985) "Gov. Tovah"
Surviving (1985) (TV) 
"Murder, She Wrote" (1985-96) TV Series "Doctor Seth Hazlett" 
Off Sides (1984) (TV) 
Why Me? (1984) (TV) "General" 
Grandview, U.S.A. (1984) "Bob Cody" 
Prince Jack (1984) "Ferguson" 
Velvet (1984) (TV) 
Last Plane Out (1983) "James Caldwell" 
Desperate Lives (1982) (TV) "Jarvis" 
The Rules of Marriage (1982) (TV) 
Side Show (1981) (TV) "Byron Gage" 
Leave 'em Laughing (1981) (TV) "Smiley Jenkins" 
Separate Ways (1981) "Huey" 
Portrait of a Rebel:Remarkable Mrs. Sanger (1980) (TV)  "Soldini" 
"Brothers and Sisters" (1979) TV Series "Larry Krandall" 
"Blind Ambition" (1979) (mini) TV Series "Richard Kleindienst" 
Mean Dog Blues (1978) "Victor Lacey" 
Hunters of the Reef (1978) (TV) "Panama Cassidy" 
Goodbye, Franklin High (1978) 
"Seventh Avenue" (1977) (mini) TV Series ."John Meyers" 
"Once an Eagle" (1976) (mini) TV Series "General Duke Pulleyne" 
Richie Brockelman: The Missing 24 Hours (1976) (TV) "Arthur" Springfield 
Bridger (1976) (TV) "Daniel Webster" 
Echoes of a Summer (1976) ."Dr. Hallet" 
Guilty or Innocent:Sam Sheppard Murder Case (1975)"Walt Adamson" 
Journey from Darkness (1975) (TV) "Dr. Cavaliere" 
The Abduction of Saint Anne (1975) (TV) "Ted Morrisey" 
Stevie, Samson and Delilah (1975) ...Narrator 
Day the Earth Moved, The (1974) (TV) "Judge Tom Backsler" 
Murder in the First Person Singular (1974) (TV) 
"Girl with Something Extra, The" (1973) TV Series "Stuart Kline" 
Girls of Huntington House, The (1973) (TV) "Sam Dutton" 
Pursuit (1972/I) (TV) ."Robert Phillips" 
A Great American Tragedy (1972) (TV) ."Rob Stewart" 
Columbo: Short Fuse (1972) (TV) "Everett Logan" 
The Man  (1972) "Arthur Eaton" 
The New Healers  (1972) (TV) 
Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1972) "Professor Lufkin" 
64.Homecoming: A Christmas Story, The (1971) (TV) .... Charlie Snead 
Marriage: Year One (1971) (TV) "Warren Duden" 
A Taste of Evil (1971) (TV) "Harold Jennings" 
Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971) "The President" 
Escape (1971) (TV) "Doctor Henry Walding" 
Assault on the Wayne (1971) (TV) "Captain Frank Reardon" 
Fools' Parade (1971) ."Roy K. Sizemore" 
The Mephisto Waltz  (1971)  "Dr. West" 
Second Chance (1971) (TV) "Stan Petryk" 
Brewster McCloud (1970) ."Haskell Weeks" 
The House on Greenapple Road  (1970) (TV) "Paul Durstine" 
Forty-Eight Hour Mile, The (1970) (TV) 
"My World and Welcome to It" (1969) TV Series "John Monroe" 
U.M.C. (1969) (TV)  "Raymond Hanson" 
The Angry Breed  (1969) "Vance Patton" 
The Gypsy Moths (1969)  "Allen Brandon" 
The Detective  (1968)  "Colin MacIver" 
Prescription: Murder (1968) (TV) "Burt Gordon" 
Hour of the Gun (1967) "Texas Jack Vermillion" 
The Americanization of Emily (1964) "Captain Harry Spaulding" 
One Man's Way (1964) 
Cattle King (1963) "Harry Travers" 
"The Farmer's Daughter" (1963) TV Series "Congressman Glen Morley" 
For Love or Money (1963) "Sam Travis" 
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) .... Gilmer 

Notable TV guest appearances

"Chicken Soup for the Soul" (1999) "Judge"   "Rescued"
"Judging Amy" (1999)"Prof. Barnett"  "Witch Hunt" 
"Boy Meets World" (1993) "Ned" "Ain't College Great?" 
"Burke's Law" (1994)  "Dale Montrose"  "Who Killed the Tennis Ace?" 
"Batman: Animated Series" (1992) "Ethan Clark"  "Prophecy of Doom"  
"L.A. Law" (1986)  "Diet, Diet My Darling"  
"Babes" (1990) i"All Bummed Out" 
"Murphy Brown" (1988) "Ross" 
"Magnum P.I." (1980) "Capt. James T. Lyle"  "All Theives On Deck" 
"Knight Rider" (1982) "Wayne Altfield" i"Knight Racer"
"Murder, She Wrote" (1984)"Sam Breen"  "Funeral at Fifty-Mile" 
"Highway to Heaven"(1984) "Reverend David Stearn": "A Child of God" 
"The Yellow Rose" (1983) : "Chapter XXIII: Villa'sGold"  
"Simon & Simon" (1981)  "Dr. Lloyd Tyler"  "Under the Knife" 
"St. Elsewhere" (1982) "In Sickness and in Health" 
"The A-Team" (1983)  "Al Massey"  "Mexican Slayride: Part 1 & 2"  
"The Greatest American Hero"(1981) "Henry Williams"  "Live At Eleven" 
"Mama's Family" (1983)  "Woody Miller"  "Mama's Boyfriend" 
"Newhart" (1982) "Lew" "Good-Bye & Good Riddance Mr. Chips" 
"Trapper John, M.D." (1979) "Harry the Hinge Duvall" "Taxi in the Rain" 
"W.E.B." (1978)  "Good Night and Good Luck" 
"Dallas" (1978)"Amos Krebbs"  "The Venezuelan Connection" 
"Dallas" (1978)"Amos Krebbs" "The Fourth Son" 
"Hunter" (1977) "Lysenko Syndrome" 
"The Bionic Woman" (1976) "Black Magic" 
"Streets of San Francisco (1972) "Monsignior" "Requiem for Murder" 
"Barney Miller" (1975)  "Doomsday" 
"S.W.A.T." (1975)  "A Coven of Killers" 
"Streets of San Francisco"(1972)"John Kovic"  "Letters From the Grave"
"Hawkins" (1973) "Joe Hamilton"  "A Life for a Life" 
"Medical Center" (1969) "Dr. Gillette" 
"The Partridge Family" (1970)  "Erwin"  "Bedknobs and Drumsticks" 
"Mission: Impossible" (1966)  "Paul Mitchell"  "The Fighter" 
"Kojak" (1973) 
"The F.B.I." (1965)  "The Jug-Marker" 
"Gunsmoke" (1955) "Ira Spratt"  "The Judgement" 
"Banacek" (1972) "Harry Wexler"  "Project Phoenix" 
"Night Gallery" (1970) "Professor Putnam"  "Little Girl Lost"  
"Streets of San Francisco"(1972)"Russ"  "45 Minutes From Home" 
"Mission: Impossible" (1966) "Stu Gorman" "Blues" 
"Cade's County" (1971) "Violent Echo" 
"Cannon" (1971) "Harry Hendrix" "Death Chain"  
"All in the Family" (1971) "Eddie Frazier" "Success Story" 
"Alias Smith and Jones" (1971) "Jeremiah" "Wrong Train to Brimstone"
"Night Gallery"(1970) "They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar" 
"The Virginian" (1962)  "Foster Bonham" "The Politician"
"The Virginian" (1962)  "Halfway Back From Hell" 
"Mannix" (1967)  "Shadow of the Man" 
"F.B.I., The" (1965) in episode: "The Nightmare"  
"The Virginian" (1962)  "To Bear Witness"  
"Custer" (1967/I)  "Under Fire" 
"Invaders, The" (1967) "Michael Tressidor"  "Summit Meeting" 
"F.B.I., The" (1965) "By Force and Violence"  
"Star Trek" (1966) "Commodore Decker"  "The Doomsday Machine" 
"Mission: Impossible" (1966) "Alex Cresnic"  "The Widow"
"Mission: Impossible" (1966) "Deputy Premier Milos Pavel"  "The Train"
"Invaders, The" (1967)  "Major Rick Graves" "Doomsday Minus One" 
"The Fugitive" (1963)  "Professor Fritz Simpson" "The Ivy Maze" 
"The Iron Horse" (1966)  "Town Full of Fear"  
"Wild, Wild West" (1965) "Ben Victor"  "Night of the Flying Pie Plate" 
"The F.B.I" (1965)  "The Assassin" 
"77 Sunset Strip" (1958/I)  "The Checkmate Caper"  
"Empire" (1962) "Hidden Asset" 
"Twilight Zone, The" (1959)  "Dr. Wallman" i"Miniature" 
"Combat!" (1962) "Captain Lew Anders"  "Off Limits" 
"Gunsmoke" (1955)  "Paul Hill"  "False Front"  
"The Lucille Ball Show" (1962) "Lucy Digs Up a Date"  
"Twilight Zone" (1959) "Major"  "Five Characters in Search of an Exit" 
"Gunsmoke" (1955) "Lee Sharky"  "Nina's Revenge" 
"Cheyenne" (1955)  "Legacy of the Lost" 
"Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse"(1958)"In Close Pursuit" 

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