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After a long illness, Paul Carr died on
Friday, February 17th, 2006.

We at Time Machine Collectibles wish to extend our heartfelt
condolences to the family and friends of
Paul Carr.
He will be deeply missed by his family, friends and fans alike.



When talking with Paul Carr, the strongest impression is of a man who cares deeply and is fiercely loyal. Throughout the conversation one hears regular mention of family and friends, and an underlying theme of commitment to growth and creativity in all of his endeavors. Whether it’s cooking, writing a play, performing, or playing with his 8-year-old son Michael, Mr. Carr seems to have the uncommon ability to be in the moment. It’s clear that this gift has served him well throughout his life, particularly in regards to his acting career.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, to a mother of Cajun descent and a father from New York, Carr’s unique family background provided him with ties and experiences in two vastly different environments. Winters were spent in New Orleans near his mother’s family attending school, and in the summer his father’s publishing work would take them to New York, where he enjoyed the company of his paternal relatives.

As a young man, Mr. Carr had expectations of becoming a professional musician, even going so far as to attend the prestigious Julliard School of Music for one summer during high school, where he studied the clarinet. However, upon seeing his son perform in a high school play, Paul’s father complimented him on his talent and suggested that perhaps acting was a career he should consider pursuing. With his family’s support, Carr began his education in the performing arts. Once again it was his father who provided encouragement and assistance when he informed Paul of an audition that was being held for a play at the New Orleans Community Theatre. Securing a part in the Mardi Gras production of " A la Creole", Paul’s course was set. "I remember the enormous thrill I got when I delivered my lines and the audience laughed," Carr recalled. "It was exhilarating to know that my performance was responsible for that moment. After that I had no doubt that this was what I wanted to do with my life." After performing in numerous local theatre productions, Paul Carr felt the need to further improve his acting skills.

Moving to New York, Carr began studying acting at the American Theatre Wing, which sponsored the Tony Awards. He remained there for six years, during which time he worked in summer stock, Broadway plays, and live television. To make ends meet, he also worked as a window dresser, a skill he had acquired as a young man in New Orleans. Always creative, it was one more example of his artistic talents, as well as a common-sense ability to utilize these gifts toward earning a living. It was during this period in New York that Carr worked with legendary actors Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy in a live television broadcast. "Their professionalism and talent was wonderful to see," Carr recalled admiringly

Paul made his screen debut in 1957 as the young man in Alfred Hitchcock’s film, "The Wrong Man," which starred Henry Fonda and Vera Miles. From there he went on to the lead in "Jamboree", a music-oriented film that features an amazing line-up of popular musicians of the era, including Carl Perkins, Frankie Avalon, Fats Domino, Count Basie, and Jerry Lee Lewis. "Making that film was fun," Carr recalled fondly, "I was young and optimistic, and very excited about the project.

Following this breakthrough, Paul Carr’s acting career gained momentum, and grew into steady work in film, television, and stage. He has since performed in several feature films and movies of the week, been cast in a number of television series and soap operas, as well as performing character parts in hundreds of television episodes from the mid-fifties into the nineties. In addition to his work on film, Carr has appeared in nearly 100 stage productions on Broadway, off-Broadway, and off-off-Broadway, as well as touring companies, stock, and in regional theatres around the country. This includes a 1993 national tour of "Six Degrees of Separation". He has performed at the Mark Taper Forum appearing in "The Biko Inquest", "Celebration", and "Slivovitz", worked at the Arena Stage in Washington D.C., where he appeared in "The Chemmy Circle", in addition to acting at the Equity Library Theatres in New York City and Los Angeles.

This devotion to his craft has led to the LA Weekly Award for Best Actor in the Theatre East production of "Manhattan Express" in 1987, and a 1995 Dramalogue Award for his portrayal of "Sam Byck" in the Los Angeles Repertory production of "Assassins". This performance also won him favorable reviews in Variety, as well as other Los Angeles publications.

In addition to his acting talents, Paul Carr also enjoys writing and directing. Most recently he directed a program in honor of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. Carr currently heads the Play Committee of the LA Repertory Company, as well as being involved in a group called "Video Playwrights", where he writes & produces plays on video.

Despite his obvious love for and involvement in the performing arts, it still becomes clear that Paul Carr’s greatest joy comes from his relationships. He has a good word for everyone he has worked with, and his friendships span decades. Married and divorced twice, he speaks warmly of his ex-wives, and mentions his three children and granddaughter with great pride and pleasure. Paul is married to Meryl Carr, and loves spending time with their daughter, Micah. He has two daughters from a previous marriage, Alexandra and Christina, and is a doting grandfather to 6 year old Jesi.

Paul Carr's other activities include a wide variety of sports, including golf, fencing, and snow skiing. He is also a capable musician with singing skills, as well as talents on the guitar and saxophone. Carr has a modest, easy-going manner, a quick wit, and charming sense of humor. When asked if there was any role that he regretted not getting he laughed heartily and said, "Of course! Every role I never got!"

Mr. Carr presently lives in Los Angeles, and is writing a novel.

FILMS (Link to IMDB)

The Wrong Man (as Young Man) (1957)
Jamboree (as Pete Porter)(1957)
The Young Don't Cry (as Bradley)(1957)
Recoil (TV movie)(1960)
Posse From Hell (as Tyler Wiley)1961)
Captain Newman, M.D. (as Tyler Peters)(1963)
Trial Run (TV movie) (s Hammond)(1968)
Ransom For A Dead Man (TV movie) (as Hammond)(1971)
Dirt Gang (also associate producer)(1972)
Ben (as Kelly)(1972)
Brute Corps(1973)
Executive Action (as Chris)(1973)
The Severed Arm (as Mark)(1973)
Police Headquarters (TV movie)(1973)
The Bat People (as Dr. Kipling)(1974)
Truck Stop Women (as Seago)(1974)
The Lives of Jenny Dolan (TV movie)(1975)
Adventures of the Queen (TV movie) (as Walter Flat)(1975)
The Deadly Tower (TV movie) (as Commader Craig)(1975)
Sisters of Death (as Mark)(1977)
The Killing At Outpost Zeta (as Commader Craig)(1980)
Raise The Titanic "Nicholson" (1980)
Wild Women of Chastitiy Gulch (TV movie) (Captain) (1982)
Under the Boardwalk "Track" 1989
Night Eyes/Hidden View "Tom Michaelson (1990)
Solar Crisis "Oil Executive #2) (1990)
On the Streets of L.A./Father & Son:Dangerous Relations (TV movie)(1992)
A Woman Scorned "Mike Kramer" (1993)

Television Series
General Hospital "Milton Stannis" (1994)
Scouples (mini-series) "Pat O'Byrne" (1980)
Buck Rogers in The 25th Century "Lt. Devlin"(1981)
Generations "Alex Hawkins" (1989)
The Doctors "Dr. Paul Summers" (1976)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea "Clark" (1964)

Television Appearances
Matinee Theatre (1957)
West Point "The Drowning of the Gun" (1957)
Have Gun, Will Travel "Young Gun" (1958)
Peter Gunn "Sister of the Friendless" (1958)
The Rifleman "Shivaree" "Derek Hanaway" (1959)
Johnny Ringo "Al Parker" (1959)
The Rifleman "The Woman" "Garth Healy" (1959)
The Rifleman "Letter of the Law" (1959)
Wanted:Dead or Alive "The Conquerors" "Arnold Wilson"(1959)
One Step Beyond "Reunion" "Peter" (1959)
The Rifleman "Smoke Screen" (1960)
Rawhide "Incident at the Top of the World" "Jason Adams" (1960)
Men Into Space "Is There Another Civilization?" "Capt. Swanson"
Surfside 6 "Bride and Seek" "Stan Ritchie" (1960)
Bonanza "Death at Dawn" (1960)
Russell (Pilot) "Tracey Blue" (1961)
Cain's Hundred "Comback" "Eddie Novak" (1961)
Gunsmoke "The Squaw" "Cully Tate" (1961)
Robert Taylor's The Detectives "Three Blind Mice" (1961)
The Tall Man "Big Sam's Boy" (1961)
The Gallant Men "To Hold Up A Mirror" (1962)
The New Breed "The All American Boy" "Johnny Craft" (1962)
Dr. Kildare "One for the Road" "John Doe" (1962)
Frontier Circus "Incident at Pawnee Gun" (1962)
Rawhide "Incident of the Lost Wolves" "Luther Cannon" (1962)
The Fugitive "Nightmare at Northoak" "Ernie" (1963)
Perry Mason "The Case of the Tandem Tangent" "Con Bolton (1964)
Rawhide "Incident at Dead Horse" 1 & 2 "Mark Hammerkelin" (1964)
The Fugitive "Dark Corner" "Bob Mathers" (1964)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea "Hotline" "Clark" (1964)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea "Doomsday" "Clark" (1964)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea "Cradle of the Deep" "Clark" (1965)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea "Terror on Dinosaur Island" "Clark"
Amos Burke, Secret Agent "Peace" It's a Gasser" "Paul Starke" (1965)
A Man Called Shenandoah (1965)
Gunsmoke "Gold Mine" "Jud Gibbijohn" (1965)
Convoy "Flight From Nowhere" (1965)
Twelve O'Clock High "The Loneliest Place in the World" "Lt Col. .Heindorf (1965)
Star Trek "Where No Man Has Gone Before" "Lee Kelso" (1965)
Twelve O'Clock High "The Hollow Man" "Captain Lewis" (1966)
Combat "Hills Are For Heroes" part 1 & 2 "Kleinschmidt" (1966)
The Green Hornet "Seek, Stalk and Destroy" "Eddie Carter" (1966)
The Time Tunnel "End of the World" "Blaine" (1966)
The Time Tunnel "Revenge of the Gods" "Paris" (1966)
That Girl "What Are Your Intentions" "Frank Gilder" (1967)
Cimarron Strip "He Walks Like a Man" "Morgan Houston" (1967)
The Invaders "The Innocent" "Billy Stearns" (1967)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea "No Escape From Death" (1968)
Ironside "Officer Bobby" (1968)
Mission Impossible "The Test Case "Dr. Zaped" (1968)
Adam 12 "Log 161 And You Want Me To Get Married?" (1968)
Land of the Giants "Framed" "Grant Photographer" (1968)
Adam 12 "I'm Still a Cop" (1969)
Mannix "Merry-Go-Round For Murder" (1969)
The Mod Squad "The Sunday Drivers" (1969)
Get Smart "Leadside" "Norman" (1969)
The Silent Force "The Judge" (1970)
Ironside "Too Many Victims" (1970)
The Mod Squad "See Eagles Dying" (1970)
Mannix "Sunburst" (1970)
Ironside "Wrong Time, Wrong Place" (1970)
Hawaii Five-0 "The Pay Off" "Tommy Walsh" (1970)
The FBI "Incident in the Desert" "Jerry Tolan" (1970)
Alias Smith and Jones "Something To Get Hung About" (1971)
Mannix "A Choice of Evils" (1971)
O'Hara U.S. Treasury "Operation Deadhead" "Howard Barkley"(1972)
Ironside "Bubble, Bubble Toil and Murder "Gerald Barker" (1972)
Ironside "Nightmare Trip" (1972)

The Mod Squad "The Thunder Makers" (1972)
Police Story "Line of Fire" (1972)
New Adventures of Perry Mason "Case of the Ominous Death"(1973)
Cannon "Target in the Mirror" (1973)
Circle of Fear "Legion of Daemons" (1973)
The Rookies "Three Hours to Kill" "Arnie" (1973)
Mannix "Out of the Night" (1973)
Mannix "The Gang's All Here" (1973)
Chase "Hot Beef" (1974)
Petrocelli "A Convenant With Evil" (1974)
The Manhunter "The Carnival Story" (1974)
Six Million Dollar Man "Population Zero" "Officer Paul Cord" (1974)
Movin' On (1974)
Police Story "Lone Wolf" "Officer Brinkley" (1974)
S.W.A.T. "Terror Ship" (1975)
Police Story "Officer Dooley" "Sgt Leeper" (1975)
The Streets of San Francisco "No Place To Hide" "Lou King" (1975)
Barnaby Jones "Beware the Dog" "George Roswell" (1975)
Six Million Dollar Man "The Bionic Woman" 1 & 2 "Timerlake"(1975)
Ellery Queen "Adventure of the Sinister Scenario" "Lt Braeden" (1976)
The Rockford Files "The Empty Frame" (1977)
Logan's Run "Stargate" (1977)
Six Million Dollar Man "A Matter of Time" "Essex" (1977)
The Amazing Spiderman "The Kirkwood Haunting" (1978)
The Rockford Files "A Good Clean Bust With Sequel Rights" (1978)
Hagen "Trauma" (1979)
Greatest Heroes of the Bible "The Story of Esther" (1979)
Vegas (1979)
Quincy M.E. (1979)
The Incredible Hulk "Equinox" "Allan Grable" (1980)
Lobo (1981)
Dallas "Mama Dearest" (1982)
Airwolf "One Way Express" "Simon Sayes" (1984)
Jessie "McLaughlin's Flame" (1984)
Falcon Crest "John" (1985)
Hardcastle and McCormick "When I Look Back on All the Things"
."Ted Rubin" (1986)
Dalton:Code of Vengeance "Rustler's Moon" (Pilot) (1986)
Highway to Heaven "Normal People" "Raney" (1987)
Dangerous Women "Ben Cronin" (1991)
Murder, She Wrote "Family Secrets" "Businessman" (1992)

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