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Ask James Gregory to define his life's work, and he will say simply, "I am an actor." That single word, spoken by a man who has made his living in an extraordinarily competitive field sums up his philosophy, ethics, and emotions regarding life as well as career.

Mr. Gregory is a proud man and an artist, one who doesn't let that term distract him from delivering an honest day's work. He is a no-nonsense professional who, through talent and determination, has built a solid reputation in the film industry as a consistent and reliable performer.

Whether the part is a leading role or as an ensemble player, James Gregory has always approached his work with a combination of ambition, integrity, and respect. It is this ability to focus his performance at a practical level as well as an artistic one that has created the electrifying style and substance of the broad range of characters that he has played.

Born in the Bronx borough of New York City, James Gregory grew up in suburban New Rochelle, NY. His ability and enthusiasm were recognized as early as high school, where he was elected president of the Drama Club, and captain of the Golf Team. Gregory enjoyed the challenge and sport of golf, and was talented enough to consider a career in professional golf at one time.

Independent and ambitious, James Gregory has always been self-supporting.From boyhood jobs as a caddy, bus-boy, waiter and grocery clerk, he went to work on Wall Street as a runner shortly after the 1929 crash. Over a five-year period he was promoted to clerk, and then private secretary. Other private-sector positions that he has held are sales and office work, as well as real-estate. Mr. Gregory also served for 3 years during WWII, in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. His tour of duty took him to the Pacific where he spent 83 days in Okinawa.

From local drama groups in Westchester County, Gregory progressed to professional status as a summer-stock player in 1935. He performed in plays throughout New York, Maryland, and New Jersey, and traveled with a troupe of performers through small towns in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, towing a trailer full of theatre props. They performed in school gymnasiums, churches, and YMCA's, earning 25.00 for a week of one-night stands.

In 1939, Gregory made his Broadway debut in a production of "Key Largo", with Paul Muni and Jose Ferrar. Over the next 18 years, Mr. Gregory performed in approximately 25 Broadway productions, working with a stunning line-up of talented actors. This included Paul Newman and Karl Malden in "The Desperate Hours", Don Taylor and Dane Clark in "Fragile Fox", Lloyd Bridges and Joan Loring in "Dead Pigeon", and John Forsythe and Ed Begley, Sr. in "All My Sons". It was on Broadway that Gregory played the character "Biff" in "Death of a Salesman", performing with five "Willy Lomans" Lee J. Cobb, Gene Lockhart, Thomas Mitchell, Albert Dekker, and Robert F. Simon.

During the course of his broadway career, James Gregory earned consistently favorable reviews for his performances by drama critics throughout the industry, such as the New York Press, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Hollywood Reporter, and "VARIETY".

In 1956, Mr. Gregory's career moved from the Broadway stage to live television. He worked steadily throughout the glory years of TV for every major live television production from New York to Hollywood, and at one point accomplished what is believed to be a record for live performances, acting in five different dramatic productions in 10 days.

Gregory also applied his dramatic talents to radio, doing narration and commercial work. He starred as "Captain Vincent J. Cronin" for a year, on the coast to coast broadcast of CBS Radio's "21st Precinct".

Mr. Gregory segued smoothly into the taped television series of the early sixties, and had starring or feature roles in classics such as "Twilight Zone", "Columbo", "McCloud", "The Big Valley", "Gunsmoke, "Bonanza", "The Virginian", "Playhouse 90", and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", to name only a few. From 1959 to 1961, he played "Barney Ruditsky" on the NBC series "The Lawless Years", a role that was based on the 1920's real-life detective from New York City. Gregory also won acclaim with his portrayal of detective "Inspector Luger" for eight seasons on the hit television series "Barney Miller".

In addition to carving a career for himself in every area of show business, James Gregory has also established himself firmly in movie and film history. He has worked with a long list of notables, including Elvis Presley, Barbara Streisand, Angela Lansbury, John Wayne, Barbara Stanwyck, Andy Griffith, Kim Hunter, Robert Montgomery, Claude Raines, Vincent Price, Lillian Gish, and countless others. Gregory has earned the respect and regard of his colleagues both in front of and behind the camera, for the scope of his career and the strength of his talents. Says "Barney Miller" producer Danny Arnold, "Jim is a star in his field. There aren't that many feature character actors. Guys like him come along very seldom in this business."

In a career that has spanned over a half century, James Gregory has won sympathy as the beleaguered Senator Iselin in "The Manchurian Candidate", (with Frank Sinatra), and horrified viewers as evil Morgan Hastings, the land-hungry father who shot his own son in "The Sons of Katie Elder". He has held the line against lawlessness and corruption as Sgt. Schaeffer in "Al Capone", (with Rod Steiger), and mesmerized viewers as the human-hating gorilla General Ursus, in "Beneath the Planet of the Apes". Yet above all, James Gregory has devoted his considerable talent to the vocation he loves so well, and has entertained, uplifted, and captivated with his performances. His commitment to quality and integrity has endeared him to a legion of fans, establishing him as a star in the acting field, and a legend in film history.

Mr. Gregory
lived with Anne Gregory, his beloved wife in Sedona, Arizona the last 54 years of his life.

1911 -2002

Mr. Gregory passed away 9/17/02. He was an artist and a gentleman who will be deeply missed by his family, friends and fans. 

FILMS (Link to IMDB)

Naked City - 1948
The Frogmen - 1951
Scarlet Hour - 1956
Young Stranger - 1957
Nightfall - 1957
Gun Glory - 1957
The Big Caper - 1957
Onionhead - 1958
Underwater Warrior - 1958
Al Capone - 1959
Hey Boy! Hey Girl! - 1959
X-15 - 1961
Two Weeks In Another Town - 1962
Manchurian Candidate - 1962
Captain Newman, M.D. - 1963
Twilight of Honor - 1963
PT-109 - 1963
The Great Escape - 1963
A Distant Trumpet - 1964
Quick, Before It Melts - 1964
Sons of Katie Elder - 1965
A Rage To Live - 1965
The Silencers - 1966
Murderer’s Row - 1966
The Ambushers - 1967
Clambake - 1967
Secret War of Harry Frigg - 1968
The Love God - 1969
Beneath the Planet of the Apes - 1970
The Hawaiins - 1970
The $1,000,000 Duck - 1971
Shoot Out - 1971
The Late Liz - 1971
Strongest Man In The Town - 1975
The Main Event - 1979

Television Credits
The Web "All the Way to the Moon" - 1951
Philco TV Playhouse "Marcia Akers" - 1951
Police Story "Det. Sgt. Martin Stephens - 1952
Goodyear Theatre "The Search" - 1952
RBT. Montgomery Presents "The Closed Door" - 1952
Short Short Drama "Lapse of Memory" - 1953
Kraft TV Playhouse "My Brothers Keeper" - 1953
Armstong Circle Theatre "Transfusion"- 1953
Philco TV Playhouse - "A Young Lady of Property" - 1953
Eye Witness "Burial Plot" - 1953
Danger "Last Stop Before Albany" - 1953
Danger "Surface Tension" - 1953
Campbell TV Soundstage "The Dark Room" - 1953
Kraft TV Theatre "Alias Jimmy Balentine" - 1953
Campbell TV Soundstge "Solitaire"- 1953
The Mask "Hotel Murder"- 1954
Armstrong Circle Theatre "Old Man’s Gold" - 1954
Man Behind the Badge "The Cleveland Story"- 1954
Danger "Fall Guy" - 1954
Love Story "Timmy" - 1954
The Big Story "Chet Holcombe, Reporter" - 1954
Danger "Outlaw’s Boots" - 1954
Love Story "For All We Know" - 1954
Kraft TV Theatre "For All We Know" - Long Road Home - 1954
Studio One Summer Theatre "Small Door"- 1954
Inner Sanctum "Hour of Darkness" - 1954
Studio One Summer Theatre "The Hero" - 1954
Studio One Summer Theatre "The Deserter - 1954
Danger "Knife in the Dark"- 1954
You Are There "First Flight of the Wright" - 1955
Kraft TV Theatre "The Haunted" - 1955
Star Stage "Cop Without a Badge"- 1955
Kraft TV Theatre "Truck Welcome"- 1955
Playwright’s ‘56 "Snow Job" -1955
Justice "The Big Frame" - 1955
Alcoa Hour "Thunder In Washington" - 1955
Star Tonight "Nightmare by Night" - 1955
Studio One "Fair Play" - 1955
Kraft TV Theatre ‘Theiving Magpie" - 1956
Climax "Lou Gehrig Story" - 1956
Kraft TV Theatre "Boy in a Cage" - 1956
Kraft TV Theatre "Anna Santonello - 1956
Climax "Island in the City" - 1956
On Trial "Jameson Case" - 1956
Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Cream of the Jest" - 1957
US Steel Hour "Hidden Fury"- 1957
Studio One Summer Theatre "The Staring Match"- 1957
Kraft TV Theatre "The Long Flight" - 1957
Alfred Hitchcock Presents "The Perfect Crime" - 1957
Kraft TV Theatre "Polka" - 1957
Studio One in Hollywood "Presence of the Enemy" - 1958
Suspicion "I Die Before I Live" - 1958
Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Post-Mortem" - 1958
Playhouse 90 "A Town Has Tur" - 1958
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars "You’ll Have To Die Now" - 1958
Studio One In Hollywood ""Tag-Along" - 1958
Pursuit "House At Malibu" - 1958
Playhouse 90 "Face of a Hero" - 1959
Lux Playhouse "Deathtrap" - 1959
Lawless Years - 1959
Desilu Playhouse "Day the Town Stood Up" - 1959
Laramie "Man of God" - 1959
G.E. Theatre "Sarah’s Daughter" - 1959
Buick Electra Playhouse "Snows of Kilimanjaro" - 1959
Alcoa Theatre "Face To Face" - 1960
Alcoa Theatre "Head To Head" - 1960
Wagon Train "Ricky & Laura Bell Story" - 1960
Playhouse 90 "Journey to the" - 1960
Moment of Fear "Third Party" - 1960
June Allyson Show "I Hit and Ran" - 1960
Checkmate "Hour of the Executioner" - 1961
Thriller "Meriweather File" - 1961
Loretta Young Show "Those at the Top" - 1961
Lawless Years - 1961
Happily Ever After - 1961
Frontier Circus "Depths of Fear"
Twilight Zone "The Passerby" - 1961
New Breed "Prime Target" - 1961
Alcoa Presents "People Need People" - 1961
Untouchables "Jigsaw" - 1961
Target the Corruptors "Malignant Hearts" 1962
The Virginian - "50 Days to Moose Jaw" - 1962
When the Gods Laugh - 1962
Larmie "The Sometime Gambler"- 1963
Rawhide "Incident at Crooked Hat" - 1963
Seventh Hour "Try to Keep Al" - 1963
Sam Benedict "Of Rusted Canons"- 1963
The Lieutenant "Very Private Affair" - 1963
Alfred Hitchcock Hour "The Deviding Wall" 1963
The Defenders "All The Silent" - 1964
Ben Casey "There Was Once A Man" 1964
Breaking Point "Glass Flowers"- 1964
Rawhide "Inc of the Pey" - 1964
The Lieutenant "Capp’s Lady" - 1964
The Rogues "Day They Gave" - 1964
Kraft Suspense Theatre "One Tiger to A Hill" - 1964
Bonanza "A Man to Admire" - 1964
Gunsmoke "The New Society" - 1965
Wild Wild West "Night of the Inferno" - 1965
Rawhide "Six Weeks to Bent Fork" - 1965
The F.B.I. "To Free My Enemy" - 1965
Gunsmoke "The Avengers" - 1965
Hogan’s Heroes "Hogan gives A Birthday Party - 1966
F Troop "Lt. O’Rourke, Front & Center" - 1966
Man Called Shenandoah "Lost Diablo" - 1966
The Loner "A Question of Guilt"" - 1966
Big Valley "Pursuit" - 1966
Disney’s Wonderful World of Color "Showdown w/ Sundown Kid"1966
The Fugitive "Wine is a Traitor" - 1966
Star Trek "Dagger of the Mind" - 1966
F Troop "Carpetbagging Anyone?" - 1967
The Virginian ""Without Mercy" - 1967
My Three Suns "So Long Charley Hello" - 1967
Ironside "Message from Beyond" - 1967
Tarzan "Man Killer"- 1967
Bonanza - "Second Chance" - 1967
Big Valley "Ambush" - 1967
Cimarron Strip "The Hunted" - 1967
Cowboy in Africa "Fang and Claw - 1967
Daniel Boone "Value of a Kin" - 1967
Gunsmoke "The Victim" - 1968
The High Caparral "The Hair Hunter" - 1968
Big Valley "The Challenge" - 1968
Call to Danger (pilot) - 1968
Hawaii Five-O (TV Movie) - 1968
The Outcasts "3 Ways to Die" - 1968
Lancer "The Lawman" - 1968
Judd For the Defense "The Death Farm" - 1968
Mod Squad "A Quiet Weekend in the Country" - 1968
Ironside "Rundown on a Bum Rap" - 1968
Bonanza "Company of Forgotten Men" - 1969
The Virginian "Price of Love" - 1969
The Outsider "A Lost of Muscle" - 1969
Big Valley "Other Face of Justice"- 1969
Flim Flam Man (Pilot) - 1969
Good Guys - 1969
Hawaii Five-0 "All The King’s Horses" - 1969
Name of the Game "Man of the People" - 1970
Bracken’s World "Day for Night" - 1970
Name of the Game "So Long Baby and Amen" - 1970
Headmaster - 1970
That Girl "Super Don" - 1970
Men From Shiloh - 1970
That Girl "Soot Yourself" - 1971
Cade’s Country "Crisscross" - 1971
Mission Impossible "The Bride" - 1972
Columbo "Short Fuse" - 1972
Night Gallery "Stop Killing Me" - 1972
A Very Missing Person (TV Movie) - 1972
Paul Lynde Show -series regular 1972-73
Ironside "Programmed for Panic" - 1972
All in the Family "Edith Flips Her Wig" - 1972
Search "Operation Iceman" - 1972
Jigsaw "Brady Affair"- 1972
Columbo "Most Crucial Game" - 1972
Weekend Nun (TV Movie) - 1972
Escape - 1973
Love American Style - 1973
Streets of San Francisco "For the Love of God" - 1973
Ironside "The Hidden Man" - 1973
Miracle on 34th Street (TV Movie) -1973
Police Story "World Full of Hurt" - 1974
McCloud "Cowboy in Paradise" - 1974
Partridge Family "Danny Drops Out" - 1974
Police Story "Fingerprint" - 1974
The F.B.I "The Vendetta" - 1974
The Night Stalker "U.F.O." - 1974
M*A*S*H "Iron
Guts Kelly" - 1974
Abduction of St. Anne (TV Movie) - 1975
Emergency "Prestidigitation" - 1975
Police Story "The Witness" - 1975
Barney Miller "Vigilante" - 1975
Barney Miller (series regular) 1975 -1982
McCoy "Bless the Big Fish" - 1975
Cannon "Man Who Died Twice" - 1975
Police Story "The Cut Man Caper" - 1975
Medical Center "Major Annie, MD" - 1976
Francis Gary Powers:True Story (TV Movie) - 1976
All’s Fair - 1977
Stop the Presses (Pilot) - 1977
Quincy, M.D. "Murder By Self" - 1977
The Bastard (2 part TV Movie) - 1978
Flying High "A Hairy Yak Plays" - 1978
Supertrain "Pirouette" - 1979
Detective School (series regular) - 1979
Love Boat "Jealous Lover" - 1980
ComebackKid (TV Movie) - 1980
Gridlock (TV Movie) - 1980
Goldie and the Boxer go to Hollywood - 1981
Aloha Paradise - 1981
Quincy, M.D. "Last of Leadbottom" - 1982
Wait Til Your Mother Gets Home (TV Movie) - 1983
Flight of the Dragons (animated special/voice only) - 1986
Mr. Belvedere -1986

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