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Time Machine Collectibles(tm) primary business is autograph photo sales and movie posters. What makes us unique is that we work with the actors directly to create an individual OFFICIAL WEBSITE as a tribute to their career. The primary focus is on showing the overall career of the artist including a biography, filmography, upcoming appearances, gallery and autographed photos for sale, featuring many roles from their career. These websites are in essence, a partnership between our firm and the client. The client provides their involvement and participation throughout the creation of their site.

With sales increasing 30% per month, the internet proves to be the new frontier for worldwide presentation and sales of products. We ship photos to England, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Denmark, Korea, and the Netherlands, to name just a few, as well as throughout the United States. We offer retail prices to fans for single photo purchases and dealer prices as well for quantity purchases of 12 or more photos.

Many hours and hard work goes into creating each website. It’s always a challenge especially for artists like James Gregory and Jeff Corey, who have films dating as far back as the 1940’s.

It’s a fun project just trying to figure out where to start when they have hundreds of movie and TV roles to their credit. Often there are so many roles that even they can’t recall them all. Sometimes a client will say "It was just a days work", yet they may be referring to one of their most memorable roles. We have several clients that should write books as Walter Koenig has, relating the different experiences they've had in Hollywood. Some of the stories they have shared with us are priceless.

We now have over 40 websites and are looking forward to many more. Prior to starting the Time Machine business, I owned and worked in a family business designing tournament archery equipment for 30 years, aquiring over 15 patents during that time. One of our bows was used to light the 1992 Olympic torch in Barcelona.

We decided to start the website out of a desire for a new challenge, and it has grown much faster than we expected. It takes a substantial investment but has been a good business with alot of great people to work with. The business was created in 1997, however I've been collecting since 1957. We now have an inventory of over 20,000 items, and offer both wholesale and retail purchasing; all sales being mail order.

The websites include secure online ordering and credit card service. If customers do not have access to the internet we offer a brochure that shows a sampling of the autographed photos for sale, however the internet shows much more of the selection available.

Terry  Martin
Owner, Webmaster

Terry assisting Arlene Martel 
during signing at  Star Trek Show
Pasadena, April 2000.

Barbara March & Gwynyth Walsh 
at the Star Trek Convention March,2000

Terry with Mira Furlan at Dragoncon 99

Terry with Julie Catlin Brown of Star Trek
and Babylon 5. Julie is not only a talented
actress, she  is a great singer. July, 1999

Terry with Paul Picerni (1998)

Terry and Lee Delano in Pasadena(1998)

Terry and Frank Gorshin at Dragoncon

Terry with Brinke Stevens in Atlanta
at Dragoncon (1999)

Linda Harrison and Jeff Corey
Pasadena (1998) First time
together since filming "Beneath
the Planet of the Apes" in 1969

Terry and France Nuyen at the Hollywood
Collectors Show (1998)


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